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Steve Gilbert moderates an ongoing discussion about change, improving teaching and learning, and the role of technology in higher education.  Participate in this valuable and meaningful conversation bridging both our professional and personal lives. Join us to discover ideas and tools, learn and discuss!

If you believe, as we do, that technology, when well considered and well applied, can improve teaching and learning and that integrating technology into both face to face, hybrid and online classes is a challenge, then I hope you will consider registering often for
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Upcoming events

    • 26 Apr 2019
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Zoom Online Conf.

    Ambiguity for Beginners

    Lowering-Thresholds to “Get Thru” Killer Gateway Courses 

      FridayLive! Online April 26, 2pm ET

    I.  Fundamental, Persistent Ambiguities - Intro

    Some essential elements of a subject (e.g.  notation idiosyncratic to the subject) may seem ambiguous to many beginners.  Most who succeed in the subject become adept at instantly resolving those ambiguities through contextual clues.   Consequently, non-beginners (especially subject experts) may no longer recognize those ambiguities as such.  Non-beginners may even be unable to recall how they eventually overcame these ambiguity obstacles.

    Many learners’ preparation for Gateway Courses leave fundamental ambiguities unaddressed and unresolved.

    II.  Examples from/for Math 101, English 101, Chemistry 101, ..

    III.  Resources for Lowering Ambiguity Thresholds


    Context:  Low-Threshold Improvements for "Killer" Gateway Courses 

    More readings and other info, including detailed session descriptions...  

    ...and... Some perspectives (heh heh?)?

    "...understanding physics and the other mathematical sciences can sometimes be so difficult. The basic point is that our notation is often an absolute mess, caused by the fact that we use equations like we use natural language, in a highly ambiguous way:“'It is necessary to present the science in the language of mathematics. Unfortunately, when we teach science we use the language of mathematics in the same way that we use our natural language. We depend upon a vast amount of shared knowledge and culture, and we only sketch an idea using mathematical idioms.'” - excerpt from "Using Unambiguous Notation" by Jonathan Yedidia(?), posted October 19, 2007 in blog ""

    Also see "When you look away for a second during class..." GIF re notation, etc.


    Past events

    12 Apr 2019 TODAY: Safety, Caring, and Ambiguity in "Quick Help to Get Thru Killer Gateway Courses" Open Discussion FridayLive! 2pmET April 12
    05 Apr 2019 TODAY: Series Planning Session "Quick Help to Get Thru Killer Gateway Courses?" Esp. Basic Vocab, Notation FridayLive! 2pmET April 5
    29 Mar 2019 TODAY: Series Planning Session "Quick Help to Get Thru Killer Gateway Courses?" FridayLive! 2pmET March 29
    22 Mar 2019 TODAY: "Killer" Gateway Courses & LTAs: PLANNING NEW FRIDAYLIVE! SERIES 2pmET March 22
    15 Mar 2019 Reflection in Online Courses: Why? When? How? Apps & LTAs
    08 Mar 2019 LTAs for Online Sessions
    22 Feb 2019 Cyber Security & You - How can it impede or improve teaching/learning? FridayLive! Feb 22 2pmET
    25 Jan 2019 Free MOOC & WIKI FOLLOW-UP Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning-SUNY FridayLive! Jan 25 2pmET
    18 Jan 2019 Tech Options for important Educational Gateways and Instructional Bottlenecks: Adequate, Underutilized, Missing? FridayLive! Jan 18 2pmET
    14 Dec 2018 Live Demo Online Deliberative Discussion Method w Topic "Changing World...Ask of Higher Education?" FridayLive! Dec 14 2pmET
    07 Dec 2018 Free MOOC & WIKI: Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning-SUNY FridayLive! Dec 7 2pmET
    30 Nov 2018 TODAY 2PMET "Live Online Discussion: Why/How Text, Audio, Video?" Faculty Dev AND Undergrad Courses? FridayLive! Nov 30 2pmET
    09 Nov 2018 TODAY! 2PM ET "Deliberative Discussion" Live, Online (for Difficult Issues e.g., USA Immigration Policy post mid-term elections) FridayLive! Nov 9 2pmET
    02 Nov 2018 TODAY "If I had only..." What’s the least I can do BEFORE Nov 6? Online FridayLive! Nov 2 2pmET
    26 Oct 2018 TODAY "If I had only..." What’s the least I can do BEFORE Nov 6? Online FridayLive! Oct 26 2pmET
    19 Oct 2018 Deliberative Discussion for Difficult Issues - Online, Constructive FridayLive! Oct 19[Changed to Nov 9 from Oct 26] 2pmET
    12 Oct 2018 Student Classroom Engagement: RESOURCES & RECOMMENDATIONS FrLv! 2pmET October 12, 2018
    05 Oct 2018 TODAY! What are the smallest units of learning/teaching? Snackable Learning? Snackable Teaching?
    28 Sep 2018 Student Classroom Engagement CHALLENGES FrLv! 2pmET September 28, 2018
    22 Jun 2018 Shared Online Whiteboards FrLv! June 22, 2018 & Other Shareworthy Interactivities - Free, Online, Synchronous….Examples & Specifications - The Exploration Continues
    15 Jun 2018 FRLV! June 15, 2018 WordPress: Free Interactive Options - The Exploration Continues
    01 Jun 2018 FRLV! June 1 Notifications (Automatic Update Info) for Blogs, Websites, Online Courses; But Only by Request. WordPress Exploration Continues INFORMALLY
    25 May 2018 FRLV! May 25, 2018 WordPress: Free Interactive Options - The Exploration Continues
    18 May 2018 FRLV! May 18, 2018 WordPress: Academic Podcasting and More....
    11 May 2018 FRLV! Lessons FOR Online Education FROM E-Commerce & Online Shopping May 11, 2018 2:00 PM ET
    04 May 2018 FrLv! Support Online Sessions via Free Version WordPress: Design, Develop, Publish, Share (Live demo, intro) May 4 2pmET TLT Group
    27 Apr 2018 FRLV! Beginning Algebra THE Gateway Course? Help for Beginners & Re-Beginners via Online Quizzes and Related Resources April 27 2PM ET
    20 Apr 2018 FRLV! April 20, 2018 WordPress Intro & Quiz Options; Q&A re CBL/OER
    13 Apr 2018 FRLV! April 13, 2018 Competencies: Who Needs Them?
    06 Apr 2018 FRLV! April 6th, How to Include Meaningful Interactivity within Live, Synchronous, Online Learning Sessions
    30 Mar 2018 Online Courses: The Quality Question (Good Practices) Interview
    23 Mar 2018 Open Letter/Response PART II to Oversimplifications and Overgeneralizations about Harmful Online Education
    16 Mar 2018 Open Letter/Response to Oversimplifications and Overgeneralizations about Harmful Online Education
    09 Mar 2018 4 Question/Topics & Open Mic (Essential Errors, Online Courses Harmful? Training/Education, Sequential Learning)
    02 Mar 2018 FRLV! March 2, 2018 Are we accelerating toward the past and the future at the same time? Circling Back Around…. Goddard Model ….. OER …
    23 Feb 2018 Online Courses - Success, Failure, Variety
    09 Feb 2018 FRLV! February 9, 2018 Quality, Access, Affordability: Pursuing 3Fold Gains in Higher Education
    02 Feb 2018 Answers to OER Questions: Open Office Hour with Gerry Hanley
    26 Jan 2018 FrLv! January 26 "Are Online Courses Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help?"
    19 Jan 2018 FrLv! January 19 Conversation with Steve Bell continues: Culture of Openness; Whither (Wither?) Print Collections; Core Values of Libraries/Librarians
    12 Jan 2018 FRLV! Jan 12 Technologies to Foster Meaningful, Efficient (and Effective) Online Teaching
    15 Dec 2017 FRLV! Dec 15 Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018! Tools for Reflection: The TLT Group's Fundamental Questions Return
    08 Dec 2017 FRLV! Dec 8 A Conversation with Steve Bell: Academic Libraries and Higher Education
    01 Dec 2017 FRLV! Dec 1 Increase Student Motivation and Engagement for Learning; Using Principles Extracted from Gamification
    17 Nov 2017 FRLV! Nov 17 Pre-Thanksgiving Open Mic/Resource/Tnx
    10 Nov 2017 More Ways to Find and Use OER: Making Career and Technical Training More Affordable and Effective with OER with SkillsCommons
    03 Nov 2017 FRLV! Nov 3 Finding and Using FREE and OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES for student success
    27 Oct 2017 FRLV! Oct 27 THIS WEEK Minecraft for Higher Ed? Try it. Pros, Cons, Recommendations?
    20 Oct 2017 FRLV! Oct 20 Gamification Stone Soup - Examples, Not Rumors
    13 Oct 2017 FRLV! Oct 13 Definitions and Categories of Gamification: Confused? So are we
    06 Oct 2017 FRLV! Oct 6 Pre-Gamification for Adult Beginners: Minecraft, Facebook, Kano Computer Kit, (and WeChat)” - Instructional Implications for HIgher Education
    29 Sep 2017 Transitions Today (Sept 29 2pmET): LMSs, OER/Textbooks, Smart Phone Operating Systems, FridayLive! Itself
    13 Jul 2017 Summer Symposium & Practicum: July 13, 20 & 27, 2017
    07 Jul 2017 FridayLive: Open Educational Resources (OER) in Action: Textbooks, Creative Commons & Other Resources; Open Pedagogy; First Steps, July 7th
    30 Jun 2017 App Smashing in Courses & Faculty Development: Part 2 (June 30) App-smashing “Hands-on” and Exchange
    23 Jun 2017 App Smashing in Courses & Faculty Development: Part 1 (June 23) Introduction, Examples, Resources - Getting Started
    16 Jun 2017 Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported (Background, Benefits, Advice, Cautions - for Newcomers) June 16
    02 Jun 2017 Fake News Update and Game: June 2nd 2pm ET
    19 May 2017 7F Five Years Later: Re-viewing American Education through the Seven Futures Prism: May 19th
    12 May 2017 Untether Campus-Based Professional Development: Increase Engagement with Synchronous Online Web Sessions: May 12th
    05 May 2017 Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported; Benefits, Potential, Challenges, (e.g., Training): May 5th
    28 Apr 2017 Open Education Resources: Finding and Using OER in Undergraduate Courses to Lower Barriers for Student Success: April 28th
    21 Apr 2017 Creating Community - Promoting Choice, Voice and Connectivity via Free Apps: April 21st
    14 Apr 2017 Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported; Benefits, Potential, Challenges, (e.g., Training): April 14
    07 Apr 2017 Real-Time Fact-Checking: Triage for Information Resource Reliability
    31 Mar 2017 Fake News & Unreliable Information Ad Hoc Series Finale: March 31st
    24 Mar 2017 Dealing Constructively with Fake News: Crowdsourcing Guidelines and Resources
    10 Mar 2017 Truth, Search, Citation, Creative Commons: March 10
    03 Mar 2017 Keeping Up with Issues and Resources; Information Literacy Then and Now March 3
    24 Feb 2017 Shareworthy Improvements (for Teaching and Learning with Technology): February 24, 2017
    17 Feb 2017 Fake Facts Flood: Keeping Up, Maintaining Perspective & Other Constructive Responses: February 17, 2017
    10 Feb 2017 Fake News, Facts, Education, Government ...and Truth: February 10, 2017
    03 Feb 2017 Fake News, Facts, Education, Government ...and Truth: February 3, 2017
    27 Jan 2017 "Use It or Lose IT?": January 27th
    20 Jan 2017 10 Dead Learning Technologies: January 20th
    13 Jan 2017 Using 21st Century Tools to Engage College Students in Learning: January 13th
    16 Dec 2016 Informal Sharing around Instructional Challenges and Opportunities: CONTINUED December 16th
    09 Dec 2016 Informal Sharing around Instructional Challenges and Opportunities: December 9th
    02 Dec 2016 Pedagogy First: Aligning Teaching and Technology: December 2nd
    18 Nov 2016 Exchange Stories that Honoring Teaching: November 18th
    11 Nov 2016 Navigating our Changing World: November 11th
    04 Nov 2016 Almost Error Free Learning (AEFL): November 4th
    28 Oct 2016 A Rhetoric of Reflection--An Overview of Current Practices in Reflection and ePortfolios: October 28th, 2pmET
    21 Oct 2016 Next Steps to Flipped/Blended/… Teaching/Learning: FridayLive! Collaborative Development Series: October 21st
    14 Oct 2016 Finding No Cost/Low Cost Course Materials: October 14, 2pmET
    07 Oct 2016 Coping with Multi-platform, Multi-devices: Coping, Behaving, Supporting October 7, 2pmET
    30 Sep 2016 Next Steps to Flipped/Blended/… Teaching/Learning: FridayLive! Collaborative Development Series: September 30th
    23 Sep 2016 Using ZOOM - the Basics September 23rd
    16 Sep 2016 Big Idea Small Steps: Moving between Conceptual and Practical September 16, 2pmET
    24 Jun 2016 First Online Steps Toward Flipped/Blended Teaching/Learning (Session #2) June 24th
    17 Jun 2016 Online Whiteboard Teaching/Learning Options: June 17th
    10 Jun 2016 Open Source Textbooks & Open Educational Resources (OER): June 10th
    03 Jun 2016 DIIGO - applications for teaching, learning, research: June 3rd
    27 May 2016 First Online Steps Toward Flipped/Blended Teaching/Learning (Session #1) May 27th
    20 May 2016 How Mobile Devices Can Support/Undermine Online Interaction: May 20th
    13 May 2016 Grade/Assess MORE students with LESS work? May 13th
    06 May 2016 Apps & Access: Teaching Math Better Online: May 6th
    29 Apr 2016 Beyond Words: Visual choices that deepen learning: April 29th
    22 Apr 2016 Courageous Conversations About Student Success: April 22nd
    15 Apr 2016 Challenges of Change: Collaboration & Technology in Higher Education: April 15th
    08 Apr 2016 Building an Online Learning Community - Lessons Learned from the TLT Group - 10 Years Online!: April 8th
    01 Apr 2016 To change or not to change? That is the question… Change, Innovation, and Counter-(Counter)-Implementation: April 1st
    18 Mar 2016 Re-Defining Student Success: March 18th
    11 Mar 2016 FridayLive! Getting Started with a Flipped Classroom: March 11th
    04 Mar 2016 Universal Design for Learning/Teaching - Employing Multiple Means of Representation: March 4th
    26 Feb 2016 FridayLive! A Way through the Information Jungle: February 26th
    19 Feb 2016 FridayLive! Almost Error Free Learning (AEFL): February 19th
    12 Feb 2016 FridayLive! Improve Students’ Metacognition: February 12th
    05 Feb 2016 FridayLive! Inclusive/Universal Design: Community, Publication, Website and Invisible Disabilities (Online “Book” Discussion): February 5th
    29 Jan 2016 FridayLive! Apps and Accessibility in Online Learning: January 29th
    22 Jan 2016 FridayLive! What can we do about Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) in 2016? Who cares? Why bother? January 22nd
    15 Jan 2016 FridayLive! You CAN teach that online...Beginning, Beginning Algebra: January 15th
    08 Jan 2016 FridayLive! Using Gamification for Resistant Learners: January 8th
    18 Dec 2015 E-Learning Accessibility: Principles, Strategies, and Resources to Help Faculty Improve Teaching/Learning Online: December 18th
    11 Dec 2015 ePortfolios for Teaching, Learning, and Research in Higher Education: Basic Definitions, Interesting Developments, and Some Recommendations Dec 11th
    04 Dec 2015 Beginning Beginning Algebra Online: December 4th 2 pm ET
    20 Nov 2015 Twitter for Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Update: Nov 20th
    13 Nov 2015 E-Mentoring & Online Collaboration to Develop Online Courses: Success Story - Nov 13
    06 Nov 2015 Explain Everything Designated Learner Session: Nov 6th
    30 Oct 2015 Universal Design for Learning - Employing Multiple Means of Engagement: Oct 30th
    23 Oct 2015 “Lecture Me. Really." Article Discussion (5 pp) FridayLive! Oct. 23rd
    16 Oct 2015 Surprise: We CAN teach THAT online! Even Math. FridayLive! Oct 16, 2015
    09 Oct 2015 “We can’t teach THAT online!” Unless…
    02 Oct 2015 Planning FridayLive! 2015-16 + Demo Free Online Whiteboard
    25 Sep 2015 FridayLive! Teaching (even Math!) Online: September 25
    18 Sep 2015 FridayLive! Universal Design for Learning September 18
    11 Sep 2015 FridayLive! There’s an LTA for that! Exchange favorite new/recent LTAs. [LTA=Low-Threshold App/Activity etc.] September 11
    26 Jun 2015 FridayLive! Recommendations from Librarians for Faculty Beginning to Teach (More) Online …: June 26th
    24 Jun 2015 Summer Experiment: “Book” Discussion - An Unnecessary Woman: June 24th
    19 Jun 2015 FridayLive! A Conversation with Art Chickering: Cool Passions and More: June 19th
    17 Jun 2015 Members Exchange: Evernote Learning Community: June 17th
    12 Jun 2015 Friday Not Live! Spring 2015 “Book” Discussion Series - An Unnecessary Woman: June 12th
    10 Jun 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING: 4th Spring 2015 Discussion - FICTION, An Unnecessary Woman, June 10th
    05 Jun 2015 FridayLive! “Saving Our Stuff?”- Continued: June 5th
    29 May 2015 FridayLive! Real-time student engagement: leveraging tablets for faculty and future faculty development May 29th
    27 May 2015 Members Exchange: IFTTT - Designated Learner Session, May 27th
    22 May 2015 FridayLive! Teaching & Learning Paradigms and more , May 22nd
    20 May 2015 Members Exchange: Twitter - Part 3, May 20th
    15 May 2015 FridayLive! The Courage to Teach(R) - Experiencing the Circle of Trust(R) , May 15th
    13 May 2015 Members Exchange: Evernote Learning Community: May 13th
    08 May 2015 FridayLive! Spring 2015 Book Discussion Series: Brain Rules May 8th
    01 May 2015 FridayLive! Help students make more thoughtful choices about how to study and learn (face-to-face and online): Reasons, strategies, and resources: May 1st
    29 Apr 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING: 3rd Spring 2015 “Book” Discussion - COGNITIVE SCIENCE Brain Rules & TLTG Institutional Membership Discussion, April 29th
    24 Apr 2015 FridayLive! Student Peer Review/Assessment: to Deepen Learning; to Reduce Faculty Workload Both? Either? Neither? April 24th
    22 Apr 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING for May 1st event: LTAs and CATS for Engaging Online Learners : April 22nd
    17 Apr 2015 FridayLive! “Saving Our Stuff?” - From Research References to Family Pix: Effective Practices in Personal Digital Archiving for Faculty and Students: April 17th
    15 Apr 2015 Members Exchange: Evernote Learning Community: April 15th
    10 Apr 2015 FridayLive! Spring 2015 “Book” Discussion Series: Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth. April 10th
    08 Apr 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING, 2nd Spring 2015 Book Discussion - A Graphic Novel, Logicomix, April 8th
    27 Mar 2015 FridayLive! Why Keep Crossing the Starting Line? March 27th
    25 Mar 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING, Why Keep Crossing the Starting Line? March 25, 2015
    20 Mar 2015 FridayLive! Sharing and Exploring Ways to Use Technology in Support of Students: March 20th
    18 Mar 2015 Members Exchange: Tips on Embedding: March 18th
    13 Mar 2015 FridayLive! Spring 2015 Book Discussion Series: The Cobweb: Can the Internet be Archived: March 13th
    11 Mar 2015 Members Exchange: Everything Evernote: March 11th
    06 Mar 2015 FridayLive! Adding #8: Time to Extend the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education? March 6th
    27 Feb 2015 FridayLive! - Connecting online in real time: New roles for the instructor and learner, ADOBE CONNECT?: February 27th
    25 Feb 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING, 1st Spring 2015 Book Discussion - The Cobweb: Can the Internet be Archived, February 25, 2015
    20 Feb 2015 FridayLive! - Adding Your Voice with Movenote: February 20th
    18 Feb 2015 Members Exchange: Can We Influence App Dependency?: February 18th
    13 Feb 2015 FridayLive! What Does Cognitive Science Say about Using Technology in the Classroom?: February 13th
    06 Feb 2015 FridayLive! Apps for Making it Stick: February 6th
    30 Jan 2015 FridayLive! Student Learning and the Successful Completion of Courses, Degrees and Programs: January 30th
    23 Jan 2015 FridayLive! The Challenge of User Support - January 23, 2015
    16 Jan 2015 FridayLive! Favorite Resources, Apps, LTAs, Sessions from 2014 : January 16th
    09 Jan 2015 FridayLive! Book Discussion Series - Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: January 9th
    19 Dec 2014 FridayLive! Review, Respond and Shape FridayLive!: December 19th
    12 Dec 2014 FridayLive! The Power of Presence: December 12th
    05 Dec 2014 FridayLive! Book Discussion Series - The App Generation...... : Dec 5th
    21 Nov 2014 FridayLive! Five Challenges for the Fourth Decade of the “IT Revolution.” November 21st
    14 Nov 2014 FridayLive! Blended Learning as Cuisine: Discovering Your Inner Chef : November 14th
    07 Nov 2014 FridayLive! Book Discussion Series - Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning: Nov 7th
    31 Oct 2014 FridayLive! What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Learning Online October 31th
    24 Oct 2014 FridayLive! Hosting Virtual Walls for Collaboration: using Padlet to generate and facilitate learning, thinking, and celebrating October 24th
    17 Oct 2014 FridayLive! What’s New in Adobe Connect 9.3? - also, How? and especially Why? October 17th
    10 Oct 2014 FridayLive! Using Word Clouds to Introduce, Prompt and Solidify Learning : October 10th
    03 Oct 2014 FridayLive! What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Teaching Online: October 3rd
    26 Sep 2014 FridayLive! (Only?) Good Enough for Other People's Children? Sept. 26th
    19 Sep 2014 FridayLive! Learning Out Loud: “How to Humanize Your Online Course with VoiceThread” Sept. 19th
    12 Sep 2014 FridayLive! We've Got Game - Strategies for Building Gamification into Your Blended Classroom: Sept. 12th
    27 Jun 2014 FridayLive! A Conversation with Tom Angelo re: Assessment in Undergraduate Higher Education: June 27th
    14 May 2014 Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) MOOCow May 14 - June 27, 2014
    09 May 2014 FridayLive! “The Walled Garden” a.k.a. The Learning Management System (LMS)?: May 9th
    02 May 2014 FridayLive! How to use Twitter for Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Ed - It's not only a stupid distraction! May 2
    25 Apr 2014 FridayLive! Competency Based Education: What Was Old is New Again, April 25th
    11 Apr 2014 FridayLive! Twitter for Beginners: for Very Smart Dummies: April 11
    04 Apr 2014 FridayLive! Voice Transcription April 4th
    28 Mar 2014 FridayLive! NANOVATION, SMALL STEPS ETC, March 28th
    21 Mar 2014 FridayLive! Lessons from MOOCs and schMOOCs, March 21st
    14 Mar 2014 FridayLive! Designing Your Courses for Significant Learning - A New Edition March 14
    07 Mar 2014 FridayLive! App Smashing and Getting the Most Out of Your iPad with "The App Pack", March 7
    28 Feb 2014 FridayLive! Voice Recognition & Captioning Low Threshold Applications (LTAs) February 28
    21 Feb 2014 FridayLive! Improving Learning and Teaching in a Screen Captured World February 21, 2014
    14 Feb 2014 FridayLive! Ready, Set, Go! Crossing the Starting Line to Improving Quality February 14, 2014
    07 Feb 2014 FridayLive! Low Threshold Applications (LTAs) Revisted February 7
    31 Jan 2014 FridayLive! The Seven Futures Perspective on Quality Improvement in Higher Education Courses, Programs, Departments & Institutions Jan 31
    24 Jan 2014 Seven Futures of American Education schMOOC v2.0 (#tltg7FS2) January 17 - February 22, 2014
    24 Jan 2014 FridayLive! There's an APP for that! 5.0 January 24
    17 Jan 2014 FridayLive! The Seven Futures: Big Ideas and Plan to Action January 17, 2014
    10 Jan 2014 FridayLive! Knowledge Forum Demonstration January 10
    20 Dec 2013 FridayLive! December 20 Review, Respond and Shape FridayLive!
    13 Dec 2013 FridayLive! Live Online breakout Rooms Why? How? December 13
    06 Dec 2013 FridayLive! To MOOC or not to MOOC? December 6
    21 Nov 2013 Live from the Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning: MOOC, schMOOC: A Collaborative, Participatory, Improvisational Course Offering - Nov 21 2014
    15 Nov 2013 FridayLive! MOOCOW#5 Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) for Very Smart "Dummies" - Develop Your Plan, November 15
    01 Nov 2013 FridayLive! MOOCOW#4 Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) for Very Smart "Dummies" - Managing Online Activities & Communication , November 1
    25 Oct 2013 FridayLive! MOOCow#3 Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) for Very Smart "Dummies" - Screencasting: Exploring Why & How October 25
    18 Oct 2013 FridayLive! MOOCOW #2 Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) for Very Smart "Dummies" - Online persona, social presence, and community, October 18
    11 Oct 2013 FridayLive! The Why and How of Using Facebook to Improve Community College Student Success October 11
    04 Oct 2013 MOOCow Teaching Online for Beginners TOL4B October 4- November 152013
    04 Oct 2013 MOOCOW Teaching Online for Beginner (TOL4B) Mentor Sign-up October 4 - Nov2
    04 Oct 2013 MOOCOW Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) for Very Smart "Dummies" - Check In & Orientation, October 4
    27 Sep 2013 FridayLive! Change that Sticks – Sustainable Strategies for Engaging Faculty Wisdom and Growing Student Learning September 27
    20 Sep 2013 FridayLive! Social Collaboration in the Classroom: Student Sharing Strategies September 20
    13 Sep 2013 FridayLive! There's an APP for that! 4.0 September 13
    28 Jun 2013 FridayLive! Review, Respond and Shape FridayLive! June 28
    21 Jun 2013 7FsMOOCow Live Session: The Seven Futures Approach to IEQ: A Dialogue June 21
    14 Jun 2013 7FsMOOCow Live Session: The Seven Futures Approach to IEQ: Modeling the IEQ Planning Process June 14
    07 Jun 2013 7FsMOOCow Live Session: The Seven Futures Approach to IEQ: A Dialogue June 7
    24 May 2013 FridayLive! Putting EAT (Experience, Apply, Teach) to the Test May 24
    17 May 2013 schMOOC/MOOCOW Seven Futures of American Education May 17 - June 21
    17 May 2013 FridayLive! First Session, Seven Futures of American Education schMOOC/MOOCOW*: Getting Started May 17
    10 May 2013 FridayLive! What are 7 things a new online teacher needs to know? May 10
    09 May 2013 Thinking through How to Apply the EAT (Experience, Apply Teach) Instructional Strategy May 9
    03 May 2013 FridayLive! Dee Fink Designing Courses for Significant Learning vs Covering the Content May 3
    26 Apr 2013 FridayLive! Experience First: A Model for Active Teaching and Learning Strategies April 26
    19 Apr 2013 FridayLive! When Bad Things Happen in Good Online Courses: Part 2 April 19
    12 Apr 2013 FridayLive! sMOOChers Continue Debrief on MOOCs with Amy Woodgate April 12
    05 Apr 2013 FridayLive! When Bad Things Happen in Good Online Courses April 5
    22 Mar 2013 FridayLive! Making Sense of Social Media for Teaching: Starting with Your Online Persona
    15 Mar 2013 FridayLive! There's an APP for That 3.0 March 15
    08 Mar 2013 FridayLive! March 8 sMOOChers Debrief with Amy Woodgate
    01 Mar 2013 FridayLive! March 1 John Sener RETURNS
    22 Feb 2013 FridayLive! Thinking about Violence in Learning Spaces February 22
    15 Feb 2013 FridayLive! February 15 Live from Lilly Greensboro. "sMOOChing as Teaching; Teaching as sMOOChing"
    08 Feb 2013 FridayLive! February 8 Mystery Session Revealed. Topic: "Flipping MOOCs & sMOOChing"
    01 Feb 2013 FridayLive! February 1 John Sener "Seven Futures.."
    25 Jan 2013 FridayLive! Dealing with Disruptive Students January 25
    18 Jan 2013 FridayLive! January 18 Teaching through Students' Physical and Virtual Eyes
    11 Jan 2013 FridayLive! January 11 Mobile App Learning Lounge Mike Truong
    21 Dec 2012 FridayLive! December 21 Review, Respond and Shape FridayLive!
    14 Dec 2012 FridayLive! December 14 Alice Brown Colleges Doing Creative Things to Stay Alive
    07 Dec 2012 FridayLive! December 7 sMOOChers Cohort MOOCs Reconsidered
    30 Nov 2012 FridayLive! November 30 Significant Discussions League for Innovation
    16 Nov 2012 FridayLive! November 16 SPECIAL LIVE from Lilly International Conference
    09 Nov 2012 FridayLive! November 9 Avoiding the Discussion: SILVER CLOUD
    02 Nov 2012 FridayLive! November 2: THREE generations and Faculty Development
    26 Oct 2012 FridayLive! October 26 Second MOOC follow up
    19 Oct 2012 FridayLive! October 19 Social Collaboration - What does it mean?
    12 Oct 2012 FridayLive! October 12 MOOC Experience Week One
    05 Oct 2012 FridayLive! October 5 Wading into Technology Jennifer McCrickerd Reports
    28 Sep 2012 FridayLive! Sept 28 There's an APP for That 2.0
    21 Sep 2012 FridayLive! Sept 21 Planning for and using MOOCs 2 pm ET
    14 Sep 2012 FridayLive! Sept 14 Nuggets, Nudges, Nexts
    07 Sep 2012 FridayLive! Sept 7 How to Share Moderation of Online Discussion - Voice of the Chat
    31 Aug 2012 FridayLive! Aug 31 Online Synchronous Faculty Learning Communities - It Can be Done Successfully! Recommendations and findings from first full-year experience (with physician educators).
    27 Jul 2012 FridayLive! July 27 Planning Session for Silver Cloud - TLT Group's Annual Online Summer Symposium
    08 Jun 2012 FridayLive! June 8 The Legal Side of the Creative Classroom
    01 Jun 2012 FridayLive! June 1 That Might Work with Your Students...But IT Won't Work with Mine
    24 May 2012 FridayLive! ON A THURSDAY! May 24 Copyright: Cable Green, Creative Commons
    18 May 2012 FridayLive! May 18 Copyright: Kenneth Crews, Columbia University
    11 May 2012 FridayLive! May 11 Ethical E-Research: From Class Projects to Thesis/Dissertation Research
    04 May 2012 FridayLive! May 4 Strategies for Overcoming Student Resistance
    27 Apr 2012 FridayLive! April 27 Building a Sense of Community Online
    23 Apr 2012 New Roundtables Working Group
    20 Apr 2012 FridayLive! April 20 Gearing Up for the Online Teaching Experience
    12 Apr 2012 POSTPONED Social Media Working Group
    30 Mar 2012 FridayLive! March 30 Social Networking Part Two
    23 Mar 2012 FridayLive! March 23 Keeping Up: Social Networking and Higher Ed
    16 Mar 2012 FridayLive! March 16 Navigating the Technology Tsunami
    09 Mar 2012 FridayLive! March 9 There's an App for That
    02 Mar 2012 FridayLive! March 2 What's Still Good About Lectures?
    24 Feb 2012 FridayLive! Feb. 24 Whose Voices Don't Matter?
    17 Feb 2012 FridayLive! Feb 17 Dissecting a Hybrid Workshop PLUS Update on Ender's Test
    10 Feb 2012 FridayLive! Feb 10 Ender's Test for Artificial Instruction
    03 Feb 2012 FridayLive! Feb 3 Warning signs that a college is on the brink? Interview with Alice Brown
    27 Jan 2012 FridayLive! Book Discussion: Ender's Game
    20 Jan 2012 FridayLive! Jan. 20 Lilly Directors Roundtable
    13 Jan 2012 FridayLive! Publishing for eReaders and Smart Phones
    16 Dec 2011 FridayLive! Dec. 16 Understanding and Working with Student Resistance to Active Learning
    16 Dec 2011 Open Mic Dec 16 Recent Retirees as Resources to Faculty, Staff, Students
    09 Dec 2011 FridayLive! Dec 9 Why do my colleagues keep teaching the same way?
    18 Nov 2011 FridayLive! Nov. 18 Tweeting at Lilly International
    11 Nov 2011 FridayLive! Nov 11 Wading into Online Teaching
    04 Nov 2011 FridayLive! Nov 4 Change IS Possible! From On-Campus to [More] Online
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