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Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported; Benefits, Potential, Challenges, (e.g., Training): April 14

  • 14 Apr 2017
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • online


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RECORDING SESSION:  Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported;  Benefits, Potential, Challenges (e.g., Training)

Invited Planners/Contributors:  Ed Gehringer, Dmytro BabikEric Ford, Jennifer Kidd, Ferry Pramudianto, David Tinapple

TLT Group Moderators: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, Sally Gilbert

2:00 Main event
3:00-3:30 Extension if needed


Each invited guest has experience and expertise with Computer-Supported Student Peer Review, and has participated in an NSF-funded project to develop related Web-based services.  This session will address some of the following topics within that context:

Training for Students, Training for Instructors, Constructive Feedback for Students (Media Options), Grading, Class Size, Student Participation and Engagement,  Assessment, Variations for Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and Online Courses.  

We’ll consider  benefits, liabilities, reliabilities, challenges, …

Our goal is to produce several 5-15 minute recordings, each of which will encourage and support students’ and faculty members’ effective use of computer-supported peer review.  We will also try to identify questions and topics that are worthy of (or require) more extensive discussion in later FridayLive! sessions or elsewhere... for example:

How can computer-supported grading and reviewing of students’ work  provide more and better feedback to students?  Deepen learning?  While decreasing, or at least not increasing, faculty workload?

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