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Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported (Background, Benefits, Advice, Cautions - for Newcomers) June 16

  • 16 Jun 2017
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • online


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Student Peer Review - Computer-Supported (Background, Benefits, Advice, Cautions - for Newcomers)

[Deeper learning via better student feedback + reduced faculty workload?]

Invited Planners/Contributors:  IUSE Project Leaders. 

Faculty, STUDENTS, and others who have used computer-supported peer review in courses that they have already completed. Several have participated in an NSF-funded project to develop related Web-based services.  

Ed Gehringer, Jennifer Kidd, Jessica Jameson, Kai Presler-Marshall,  Dmytro Babik, David Tinapple, Eric Ford, 

TLT Group Moderators: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, Sally Gilbert

1:30 Pre-session activities
2:00 Main event
3:00-3:30 Extension if needed



Many who have begun using computer-supported student peer review activities hope they can:

  • Enable students to provide more and better feedback to each other.
  • Deepen students’ learning without diluting course content or increasing students’ workload.
  • Decrease - at least avoid increasing - faculty workload.

Central Discussion Questions

A. Why use computers to support student peer review?

B. Why did you begin?

C. Which features have become most important?

D. Advice for Newcomers:  Benefits, Cautions, Recommendations

(Answers to some of these questions may be addressed specifically to students, faculty, or other academic professionals as appropriate.)

Gehringer and colleagues may also describe the purpose and progress of PeerLogic, an NSF-funded research project that works on providing web services for educational peer review systems, including: Metareview Services, Visualization Services, Summarization Services, Reputation Services, Reviewer Assignment, and Data Warehouse & Analytics.  More about these

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