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TODAY: "Killer" Gateway Courses & LTAs: PLANNING NEW FRIDAYLIVE! SERIES 2pmET March 22

  • 22 Mar 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Zoom Online Conf.


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Planning Session (Open Brainstorming and Discussion) for new FridayLive! series:  

"Killer" Gateway Courses & LTAs (definitions below)

Discuss Series, Plan March 29 FrLv! Session

  • What are "Killer" Gateway Courses?  Who cares? Why bother?
  • What are LTAs (online)?  (LTAs = Low-Threshold Applications & Activities)
  • How could this pairing usefully shape a series of FridayLive! sessions?

More specifically, how focus each FridayLive! session in series?  How...

  1. Select a single "Killer" Gateway Course?   
  2. Select a single instructional bottleneck? 
  3. Select a single online LTA? 
  4. Identify SMALL selection of useful resources?  People? Organizations? Events? Publications?
  5. Identify volunteers for "cameo" participation?  

"Straw man" Proposal for First of Series: March 29, 2019 ?

  • Gateway Course:  Math - Algebra
  • LTA Math-Focused
  • LTA Killer Course Focused
  • Cameo?

“Killer” Gateway Courses

  • The Usual Suspects (alphabetic order):  Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, History, Math, Psychology, Writing.
  • “Courses with high rates of unsuccessful outcomes (DFWI rates - Drop Fail Withdraw Incomplete)

– Courses with DFWI rates of 30% or higher

– These courses ‘kill’ a student’s GPA, motivation, academic progress, etc.

– Serve as ‘gatekeeper’ to further study and degree completion"

Slide 3 from  “Analytics and Gateway Courses: Understanding and Overcoming Roadblocks to College Completion,” Andrew K. Koch, Matthew W. Pistilli, IHE Webinar 09/27/12 Slideset, Slide 3:

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