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Adaptive Courseware in Higher Education (Part II Narrower, Deeper: esp. for Killer Gateway Courses) FridayLive! 2pmET May 24 TLT Group

  • 24 May 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Zoom Online Conf.


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Adaptive Courseware in Higher Education

Part II Narrower, Deeper: especially for Killer Gateway Courses May 24, 2019

Today's session (May 24 2pmET)...

Why "Adaptive Courseware"?  Why "Killer" Gateway Courses?

"Gateway courses — college credit–bearing and/or developmental education.... As long as there have been U.S. colleges and universities, there have been entry courses that pose difficulties for students — courses that have served more as weeding-out rather than gearing-up experiences for undergraduates. Perhaps the gateway-course weed-out function was more appropriate in the days when a college or university credential was reserved for a privileged few, or even during the era when a high school credential was more than adequate preparation for work and life in a democratic republic. But we no longer live in those times."

Specific example:  "Math 101"

[Beginning, Entry, First-Year, Developmental, Remedial Undergraduate Math Courses]

  • "Completion of Mathematics Remediation is the Single Largest Barrier to College Completion"

  • "Freshman and sophomore mathematics and statistics courses function as gateways to many majors, and they are crucial for preparing mathematically- and scientifically-literate citizens. Yet:... Each year only about 50 percent of students earn a grade of A, B, or C in college algebra"

Citations & links for excerpts above and other articles, etc. for today’s session available at:


Actual (not merely intended) successes? disappointments?

Adopt/Avoid/Adapt?  Why?  Who?  How? 

(Especially: Math 101, English 101, Chemistry 101)



I.  Intro

II.  Recap and Discuss Previously Shared Articles

III.  Discuss  New Resources & Prompts

(Suggested after May 10)

A.  Does this excerpted list of "features" include the elements of Adaptive Courseware most important to you?

B.  "Getting students to do the work"

IV.  Discussion:  Examples and Factors

V.  Discussion:  Claims, Hopes, Disappointments...Next?


3 BRIEF Useful Articles

(summarized, discussed May 10 FridayLive!
Recording avail to members of TLT Group)

See excerpts from 3 articles in FridayLive! planning doc  

Historical perspective 
"Programmed instruction" Edutech Wiki

Higher ed publisher acquires company with "...affordable courseware ...and... adaptive learning capabilities"
"Wiley Signs Agreement to Purchase the Assets of Knewton," Monday, May 6, 2019

"New Frontiers of Adaptive Learning,David Raths, Education Trends, Campus Technology, 04/24/19, Article Headings:

  • Collaborating for Student Success
  • Choosing the Right Courseware
  • Adaptive Learning in the Humanities
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