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Zoom Breakout Rooms: How, When, Why? TAs/ZAs...Constructive Online Roles 2pmET Sep18 FridayLive!

  • 18 Sep 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Zoom

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Zoom Breakout Rooms: How, When, Why?

TAs, ZAs, VOCs...Designated Learners, Designated Teachers,
and other Constructive Online Roles

Part 1 2pmET Friday Sept 18, 2020 via Zoom

1:30pmET   (Informal pre-session) Login, check equipment, informal greetings

2:00pmET  Welcome; Designated Learners, Designated Teachers, and other Constructive Online Roles

2:10pmET   Zoom Breakout Rooms

  • Challenges encountered already? Anticipated problems?  Especially for those teaching online with zoom for the first time…Especially for the first few zoom sessions of an online course.
  • Recently successful uses of Zoom Breakout Rooms?

2:50pmET  Afterthoughts: Topic??  

3:00pmET??  Adjourn

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy, and occasionally finding peace of mind.


Crisis, Self-Deception, Online Education, and Democracy


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[2] [First published as TLT-SWG-70: 4/3/03]

[3] Maria Popova, “Lying in Politics: Hannah Arendt on Deception, Self-Deception, and the Psychology of Defactualization” in “Brain Pickings”

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