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TLT Group Members Only: Dec 12 Additional roles to improve online/hybrid courses

  • 12 Dec 2012
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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  • Any individual TLT Group Member is entitled to attend this workshop for free. Non-members can attend for $75 or become an Individual Member. Registrants will have access to archives.
  • All institutional and individual TLT Group members are welcome to attend this workshop for free. We encourage you to attend with a group.

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Members Only Exchange

Different Kinds of Roles : Additional roles to improve online/hybrid courses, sessions
(This session is free to TLT Group Members Fee to others)
December 12, 2012 2:00pm EDT

Leaders: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, and others

What's the least an additional person could do to be useful in contributing to the teaching/running of online/hybrid sessions
What if the person is a faculty colleague from the same academic department? What if the person is a student serving as "designated scribe"? What if the person is a retiree quite expert in the subject? A retiree from another discipline entirely? An instructional designer? A Grad TA?
How much/little authority, responsibility, tasks can/should be shared?
Also - an exploration of WHAT ROLES WOULD IMPROVE THE TLT GROUP'S ONLINE SESSIONS? "DELEGATED LEARNER" OR "VOICE OF THE LEARNER", "LEARNER REPRESENTATIVE" OR "MODEL LEARNER" "SURROGATE LEARNER" "VISIBLE LEARNER" "REPRESENTATIVE LEARNER" - Someone who has NOT already learned how to use the tool/resource who goes through the process live, in public, asking questions, showing false starts, willing to reveal mistakes,"all learning is about beginning", keeps the teacher SLOW enough so that others can also be going through the first-time learning experience and actually using the tool/resource at least once with at least some success ... asks questions that others probably want to ask... but are either reluctant or unable (can't get microphone) to ask for themselves.

We keep learning about new tools and resources from our members.  This is a session where those members will be introducing the tools and resources they are currently using.

This session is free to TLT Group Individual Members.  ($75 to others)

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All of the TLT Group’s online offerings include use of “low threshold” tools, examination of controversial issues, options for participants with a range of experience, and suggestions for assessment as you integrate what you’ve learned into your repertoire. 

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