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Creating Productive Surveys with Flashlight Online 2.0: Basic surveys

  • 20 Aug 2009
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Creating Productive Surveys with Flashlight Online 2.0

These sessions are free.  Admission is limited to people with Flashlight Online 2.0 authoring accounts.

(You can get an account for free if your institution has a Comprehensive or Network subscription,
if you have the single account that Alliance subscribing institutions receive,
or if you are an Individual TLT Group Member who has purchased a Flashlight Online authoring account. 
(Contact Bonnie Mullinix if you need to set up a Flashlight Online account.)

Leaders: Steve Ehrmann and Bonnie Mullinix
These sessions are for novices who are beginning to use Flashlight Online 2.0.  The training will be hands-on and as collaborative as you'd like to make it. 

There will be optional 'homework'  before the first session, between the two sessions, and (even more optional) after session 2. We'll provide suggestions for improving any work you send us.

prior to Session I: Get your account if you haven't yet, register for the workshop, and log into the system at least once. (We can give you access to Flashlight ONline 2.0 materials for this workshop, but only after you have logged into Flashlight Online 2.0 at least once).

Session I- Survey,
August 20, 2 PM ET
(sessions will be archived for later viewing). How to use Flashlight Online 2.0 to design simple, productive surveys, rubrics, and other online forms.

Optional Homework
before Session B: Develop your own simple survey and store it in the workshop folder, so that workshop leaders and participants can see it.

Session II- Matrix.
August 27, 2 PM ET
.  Starting with the survey you've already developed, we'll show you how to turn it into a matrix survey. Matrix surveys allow you to a) easily analyze subgroups of respondents, b) alter the wording for each group of respondents, or each individual respondent,  and c) direct certain questions only to selected subgroups of respondents. Matrix surveys have hundreds of uses, from workshop and class evaluations to disciplinary research in fields from education to health care.

Optional Homework
after Session B: create a matrix survey that you're considering for actual use. Submit it to us, and we'll give you suggestions for how it might be improved.

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