The TLT Group
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Why should my institution subscribe to the TLT Group?

If any of the following are pressing needs at your institution, TLT Group subscriber materials and services can provide help:

  • Needing a humane, thoughtful perspective on teaching, learning and technology which is also practical.  Being connected with others at other institutions with similar attitudes.

  • Improving teaching and learning with technology; getting beyond the early adopters

  • Using a TLT Roundtable to help assure that institutional policies and practices support mainstream faculty uses of technology, that conflict is confronted and reduced, and that the chief academic officer gets better advice on TLT issues.

  • Supporting us so that we can support you (and other institutions). The TLT Group is a non-profit. If you think we’re providing great free services, an additional reason to subscribe is to help that continue. We have no government or corporate grants to provide these services – just institutional subscriptions.

The institutional subscription enables all who wish at your institution to become Individual members at no additional charge. 

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